megumi-shimizu-deactivated20121 said: "oh so would you like me to take you out somewhere?"

That would be… interesting.

 Any suggestions on fun places? 
After all, you are from this village ~

megumi-shimizu-deactivated20121 said: "hello Mrs. klrishiki is there anything you would like to to do?"

Good evening~ 
..You are here at a good time, Megumi-san, I am utterly bored. 


I would like to go out, but Tatsumi is being boring and says we should stay inside tonight. 


I am really in a chatty mood tonight, but for SOME reason we are not allowed to go out tonight.
Hmph, that stupid Tatsumi thinks he is so superior sometimes.

Oh well, I am here if anyone want’s to…talk.


jinrounatsunoyuuki-deactivated2 said: He looked away. "You attacked my besfriend.. You turned him into one of you.. If he wasn't one of you.. I'd kill you all!"

My, youre sure are a persistent one ~ tossing blame on people like that <3 


And such a foul mouth too! Such a bad boy you are. 
I don’t really feel threaten ~   *giggle*

jinrounatsunoyuuki-deactivated2 said: He glared a bit. But she was right. He should know better than anyone, having to drink blood here and there, even though he didn't want to. Though he mostly starved himself until he was very weak. "But I do not kill."

*She smiles coldly with a frown*


Well, well… That’s just a matter of time!
Sooner or later you’ll kill someone.

..After all you are a hunter like us ~ <3  

jinrounatsunoyuuki-deactivated2 said: "Perhaps I have been. But you and your people have also been sneaking around and killing others.."

Oh, but we only do that to survive, do we not?


You should know that pretty well yourself ~  

jinrounatsunoyuuki-deactivated2 said: "You.."


My, aren’t you the little Jinrou that has been sneaking around? 

askseishinmuroi-deactivated2013 said: I was curious why you decided to marry that human (I'm sorry I forget his name) when you seem to like "fun"

Ah, you’re… that monk Sunako seem to fancy.

Well… let’s just say it has it good sides~
Besides, Seishirou is the one who takes care of the property when we cannot.

Besides, I’ve never heard him complaining about me and my..’fun’.

That doesn’t mean I don’t care about him, tough. <3

Anonymous said: Would you classify yourself as a vamp (as in femme fatale, not the shortened slang for vampire)? Why/why not? (:

Hmm…I have never really thought of that before.
But I guess I would, in a sense. *laugh*

Alluring, beautiful woman that controls her pray?
It would suit me pretty well, wouldn’t it?

arorandomdream said: Are you fan of lady gaga ???

Not really, no.

Her music isn’t really my style~

I love her choice of clothing tough, so very … daring <3